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Are you or your loved one suffering from chronic illness? Recovering from surgical procedures? Disabled or Elderly? We are dedicated to ensure that you and your loved ones can be at peace knowing that we are here to help! We are a licensed non-emergency medial home care agency based in West Michigan and operate throughout the State of Michigan. Let us help you get the best home care possible!

We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and we are certified to service all Michigan counties.
Contact Us today to learn more about receiving home care in your county.

what we do

We Specialize in Home Care…
… and supportive services that provide the necessary care for disabled adults, elderly, chronically ill and recovering adults.
Our Goal Is For Our Clients…
… to continue to live a dignified, productive, and independent lifestyle in the comfort and privacy of their own home.
..to become a professional caregiver through our agency if you are currently taking care of a loved one. We will pay mothers too.
  • Errands and Shopping • Light Housekeeping • Meal Preparation • Bathing • Medication reminders • Grooming /Dressing • Transferring • Wound Care •Answering phone/door • Laundry• Travel For Laundry


Our services create awareness about a Michigan based program for Medicaid recipients to receive care at home.
We empower families to bring in additional household revenue for a service they were likely already providing free of charge.
Exchange Ur Care pays a higher hourly wage than your local DHS.
We are empowering families to care for one another, providing job opportunities and impacting communities.

news & events

Stay connected with Exchange UR Care News & Events

Family Game Night
5-8pm at The Madison Square Building
May 2018
Anniversary Celebration
2-4pm Location: 865 28th SE street Grand Rapids MI, 49508
May  2018
Anniversary Celebration
2-4pm Location: 865 28th SE street Grand Rapids MI, 49508

We measure success
in smiles, improvement in health, and quality of life.

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