Janet Tyler has been loyal to Exchange Ur Care for 4 years and she loves the way the company interact with it’s clients and care givers.In her words she states “it’s a nice company to work for. Ms. Lomax is always showing her appreciation for the care given those in need. I encourage full or even part time participants who’s open to take care of elderly and even family members who’s disable”. Ms. Tyler also is chosen to take care of her twin sister.

Janet Tyler, Care-Giver

“I am a 38 year old single parent who loves and adores her children! At a young age I was groomed for parenting and helped care for my siblings at the age of 10. I am a natural nurturer! Am I the proud mother of 2 children and became the mother to my youngest, disabled sister two months before she turned 18 years old. It has been a struggle but a great eye opener! Our mother passed away in 2004 and we were left parentless. Thankfully, my experience with helping raise my siblings, since the age of 10 helped prepare me in my mother’s absence. I quickly realized that my purpose in life was heath care and taking care of my siblings. I am grateful that my mom introduced me to the field. It is very fulfilling, making a difference in people’s lives by providing them with  home health care services and just being that someone in their life that cares.”

Holliwood, Caregiver

“I have been an Exchange UR Care client for approximately two and a half years I have had some of the best and appropriate treatment from the agency. Koodles to Miss Lomax and my Care Advisor, Mrs. Smith, for always treating me so kindly!”

Timothy Clemons, Exchange UR Care Client