When we talk about home care, we not only mean senior care or elderly care, but anyone 18 years or older who needs care at home. Whether you’re a new mom, need post surgical care, or care for a chronic condition, Exchange UR Care can provide short or long term care in the comfort of your home.

See below for insightful and informative downloadable articles about in home care. Also, be sure to check out our Blog for more information. It’s our way of making sure you don’t have to navigate the challenges of caring for a loved one alone.


Downloadable Resources

Exchange UR Care

16 Sleep Hygiene Tips

Consider taking the beauty sleep tip to keep you looking young and increase your health.

Home Safety: How Well Does Your Home Meet Your Needs?

Use the following checklist to create a safe environment for aging loved ones.

Home Safety Checklist

Consider taking the following precautions to create a safe environment for aging loved ones.

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